Why should I switch to ChowJoy?

Even the most well-intentioned brands aren’t giving your dog what’s needed to live a healthier life. Here’s a small picture of why we’re different:


  • Personalization: There’s no one, two, or even 100 ChowJoy recipes…every treat we make it unique (like every dog). Every ingredient and supplement in our treats is there for a reason…a reason that is specific to your dog.
  • Quality: Let’s face it: A lot of dog treats are high in calories, low in nutrition. We flip the script, making sure every ingredient is fresh, human-grade, tasty, and nutritionally superior. Plus, we use high-quality, powdered vitamins in all of our treats.
  • Taste: If your pup is peticular about food and treats…let’s just say it won’t be an issue anymore.
How do you personalize your treats?

We teamed up with an awesome group of veterinarians to design the perfect treats.

It all starts with our quiz (get started here), which you can complete in about 3 minutes. We’ll ask you everything about your pup (age, gender, breed, employment status…just kidding) and then use these answers to design the perfect ratio of ingredients and supplements for your dog (yes, real vitamins).

Here’s the best part: after you finish the quiz, we’ll show you exactly what’ll be in your treats, down to the very last ingredient. We’ll even let you know how many treats your dog needs per day to get enough nutrients (without exceeding their calorie needs). You’ll also have the option of emailing us to change any ingredient, before any shipment!

Tell me about the supplements you use.

We’re glad you asked 🙂 

The powdered supplements we add to our treats are the same that you (a human) would get from a high-end manufacturer. Plus, we take the information you give us in the quiz to determine exactly which supplement your dog needs, and how much.

Consider our treats super-charged. You get nutritionally superior treats, and a vet-designed vitamin plan, all wrapped into one.

Gone are the day of trying to trick your dog into eating cheese-wrapped pills…we include exactly what your dog needs in a tasty treat form.


Which ingredients are in your treats?

The answer to this really depends on you (or more specifically, your pup). Once you finish the quiz, we’ll show you exactly which ingredients and supplements are in your treats. Plus, we’ll give you the option of emailing us to change any ingredient 🙂 

Oh and FYI…Our supplements and ingredients are all 100% human-grade and fresh.

Can I get a sample?

Every batch of treats we make is 100% unique. That makes it impossible to create small samples for each customer. 

Dogs love ChowJoy treats because they taste great and make them feel any better. You can cancel your subscription, free of charge, at any point, so we suggest trying it out!

How often should I give my dog ChowJoy treats?

This all depends on your pup! Once you complete the quiz, we’ll show you exactly what’s in your treats and let you know how often to give them. 

We’ve made sure to calculate the exact serving size (and frequency) your dog needs to meet their daily calorie and nutrient goals.

Don’t be shy, take the quiz to find out 🙂 

Can I pause my order?

Yes! All you’ve got to do is visit My Account and let us know how long you’d like to pause your subscription. Or, don’t, and just send us an email (support@chowjoy.com) instead. 🙂

What's the quality of your ingredients/supplements?

We’re glad you asked 🙂 

We use human-grade ingredients in all of our treats. Our supplements are veterinarian recommended and high quality – the same purity you’d expect from vitamins you’d buy from a high-end human grade manufacturer. 

We pride ourselves on rigorous testing, quality ingredients, and safe cooking methods.

What if my dog doesn't like it?

Everyone can be picky sometimes! We’re 100% committed and positive that we can find the perfect, most tasty treat for your pup. If, for any reason, your dog doesn’t like an ingredient in our treats, shoot us an email and we’ll work with you to switch ingredients to find a combo they absolutely love.

What's your cancellation policy?

It’s simple: Cancel your subscription at any time before we start making your treats, free of charge. We’ll let you know by email as soon as we get to work on your batch.

Can I get treats for both of my dogs?

Of course! Complete the quiz once for each of your dogs and we’ll be sure to find the perfect treats for each member of the family.

How can I switch the flavor/ingredients in my treat?

Just let us know! If you shoot us an email, we’ll work with you to make sure every ingredient in your dog’s treats is perfect.

Where do you ship?

We’re currently only shipping within the United States. Check back later for updates 🙂

How much does it cost?

Our treats start at less than $2 per day. You get all the vitamins your dog needs AND treats…all-in-one.

How long does ChowJoy stay fresh?

All of our treats are guaranteed to last at least 60 days. We’ll make sure to send you a new batch every 28 days!

How often do you ship?

We’ll ship you a one-month supply every 28 days. The exact ratio of ingredients, supplements, and calories were calculated to assume treats are given on a daily basis.

How do I refer someone to ChowJoy?

We dig your enthusiasm! We’re working on a referral program, but for now, just shoot us an email with the email of the person you referred and we’ll give you a little surprise 🙂