Warm Hearts for Cold Noses

Your pets are family – we’re here
to keep them running (and barking)
as long as possible.

Healthy Ingredients Made For Your Pup Easy For You

“I can’t control everything in my
dog’s life, but I can control what
I put in his body.”

What your dog eats can (literally) be life-changing. From keeping teeth shiny to protecting a healthy heart, a healthy diet can work wonders for dog’s of all ages.

We’ve all experienced bringing home a bag of medications after a visit to the vet. What if a simple change in diet could work to solve the same issues?

Our vitamin sticks are designed to do just that – give that little something extra your pup needs to stay healthy. Today, and for the long road ahead.

We’re Committed To…

Giving Dogs
What They Deserve

Next time you’re at the park, check out the other dogs (and their owners, too 😉 ). All the pups are different, so why should they have the same diet?

We’ve worked with leading veterinarians to figure out exactly which supplements each dog needs. All you’ve got to do is fill out the quiz – we’ll sort out all the details.

Keeping It Simple & Delicious

Best Ingredients

Every vitamin in your dog’s vitamin sticks is there for a reason (one that’s unique to your dog!)

Great Experience

Count on ChowJoy to keep things simple with correctly portioned, single-serving vitamin sticks, delivered to your door.

Always Exploring New
Ideas & Flavors

It’s no surprise that things change. When it comes to your nutrition, we’re always looking for new research and innovative ways to give your pup the best experience.

We promise that as soon as we know – you’ll know. That means constant product enhancements and new flavors, so you can trust you’re getting only the best for your best pal.